The Unconventional Guide to Book Publishing

In the entire history of the written word, there has never been a better time to be a writer.

That’s because today it’s no longer a question of if your work will be published, but how. But just because it’s easy to publish your work doesn’t mean it’s easy to sell your work.

Should you pitch your work to a major publisher, or self-publish? And how do you navigate the confusing world of agents, editors, and publishers? Most importantly, how do you give your book the best possible chance to succeed?



That’s why I wrote The Unconventional Guide to Publishing

In the book I cover:


  • how the publishing industry works
  • what it means when a publisher “sells” your book to Amazon or B&N
  • how advances and royalties work
  • how foreign translations work
  • what top editors look for
  • how to get an agent fast
  • how to put together a top shelf book proposal
  • how to create an effective pitch
  • what’s actually happening when an agent pitches your work to publishers

Also included:


  • how auctions work
  • the three clauses in every book contract that can hurt your career
  • sample query letters
  • a sample author agent agreement
  • sample contract language showing not only what publishers will propose, but also how you should change it to protect your career
  • specifics about what kind of marketing platform publishers are looking for
  • how to be published well

This is for you if you’re:


  • someone who has always wanted to write a book, but doesn’t know where to start
  • struggling to come up with the right book concept
  • having difficulty trying to find an agent
  • finding the world of publishers and editors confusing or impenetrable
  • hoping to take your writing to an entirely new level
  • someone who wants to understand more about publishing than 99% of humanity

Download the Unconventional Guide to Publishing today